Welcome to "Ty ar Youn Bihan" - (Breton)
The bihan Yves house

Born in the North of France in 1950, at this time when "artist" was synonymous with "good for nothing", I became an accountant : it's more serious. As a self - taught person, my technique has evolved with my failures.

I don't reproduce what I see but what I feel or imagine. Each painting has to be in my spirit before being on the canvas. What I paint is real but taken in different and mixed situations and contexts.

I'm very found of Brittany : its sites, its history and its music. It has become one of my essential sources of inspiration certainly because of its rough edge side, strong with a touch of mythology that I can feature in my paintings.

A painting can't be explained : it's felt or not, loved or not.
Yves Sauvage alias "Youn bihan"

Techniques : Oil painting - Acrylic - Aquarelle - Sand.

Exhibitions : In the North of France, Valenciennes, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Villeneuve d'Ascq. In Oise, Creil, Nogent sur Oise and St Leu 'Esseurent.